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Liz Dion receives the MP’s Medal

Liz Dion receives the MP’s Medal

Lise Dion was presented with a medal and honor by representatives of the National Assembly on Thursday in the Blue Salon.

The person who today holds the title of comedian who has sold the most tickets in her career in Quebec has received the Order of the MP, which aims to recognize the merit of a person or organization that has led exemplary and useful work for the benefit of society. Community. This is an initiative of the Member of Parliament for the Pius Sud region and Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Culture and Communications, Samuel Bullen.

The latter was also present to honor him, accompanied by Minister of Culture and Communications Mathieu Lacombe and Minister of Justice Simon Jolin-Barrette.

“If I have the honor of receiving this honor today, it is thanks to the audience that has followed me for 35 years. “I share it with each and every one of you for your trust and loyalty,” the comedian announced during the event. She was surrounded by her loved ones for the occasion.

Earlier this year, elected officials unanimously adopted a motion aimed at highlighting Lise Dion’s contribution to Quebec culture.

The proposal was, among other things, to recognize the comedian as a pioneer of humor in Quebec, especially for the position of women, as well as to highlight her ability to make people laugh as well as think through her various works.

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