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[Live] Alice Animal in Souten Space

[Live] Alice Animal in Souten Space

On June 2, singer and guitarist Chartressian Alice Pet She chose to start her “tandem tour” at home. New rhythm section, new titles still unreleased and always this passion and versatility without confirmation!

Gaby, Gaby » Background sound and atmosphere pass through the Souten Space Hall. Should we see Boris Bergman’s nod? Historical poetry writer Alan Bachong just showed “Des riffs et des roses,” an unreleased piece that will give us the scoop. But Alice Pet You might as well “Beautiful as a firework waiting for more than one match”It is the singer, songwriter and guitarist who accompanies big names like Kent or Patlik who await that evening. With all due respect to both ‘slightly sexist’ genders who are falling down Good beginning Seeing her walk in the company of her musicians… It is true that the black and white dress she chose that evening suits her perfectly as we also know that the Girls Power Trio formula is indeed attractive and above all more welcoming. Even if the recent stance of Pogo Crash Control’s Lola Frichet – “more women on stage” clearly visible on her bass sound – has piqued the interest and following of our colleagues from Longue d’Ondes, rock music still isn’t a legion on theaters France and Navarre. That evening was the first live show of Maren Danette and Lisa Massa – guitarist and drummer respectively – with Alice Animal. “Hair in your eyes, glint in your hands and firepower to share” I wrote on Facebook after the party.

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Even before the first track begins, a agonizing layer of senath, followed by cymbal strikes at a corresponding point, invades the sound space. Introduction to “Tandem”, Alice Animal Standard. Like the other titles of his debut album, it’s gaining intensity and liveliness. “We are Baroque” She sings. We can’t help but agree with her! Even if we realize it by listening to her recordings, her rock side is revealed and exploded when we see her combine with her guitars. His solos, sometimes sensual, willingly plump, fit naturally into the melodies without interfering with them; They even give off a dynamite-like scent to “Tes éléphants roses” or “Bad boy,” which are nerve-wracking songs already at the base.

Among the unreleased songs for us, we will remember the almost African rhythm “Du riff et des roses”, which surprised and tempted us. As much as honoring Kent in the preface to “On n’a qu’une vie”. Text written by the former Starshooter singer; ” Kent met a superhuman and wemore relaxed She trusts. After this wave of pieces of music, interspersed with two or three quieter pieces being played solos, this first concert of the tour ends gently. During the encore, the three gave us a cute version of “Sunday Doesn’t Exist” – one of the last – an a cappella and in the rhythm setting “Body”. It was great to end your talk “Flows of Life”Dear Alice. This goes without saying, but we’ll make it crystal clear; If the tandem ride passes by you, don’t hesitate, ride it with her!

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