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LG’s crazy idea for camping enthusiasts

LG’s crazy idea for camping enthusiasts

LG introduced a take-anywhere TV case for the IFA 2023 audience. Despite the somewhat modest specifications, the device is interesting.

LG StandbyME GO // Source: Frandroid

We’ve already seen LG’s wireless TV standbyME launch a new range at the manufacturer, and here’s a version designed to be carried, the StandbyME Go. The idea is there: a TV that can be transported in a bag.

It was presented in June 2023, and we were able to eat it at IFA 2023 in Berlin. The device is presented in the form of a fairly simple beige bag, but it weighs about 14 kilograms.

Once you open the bag, you are immediately shown the screen. By pulling it lightly, it opens from a very solid arm, which is somewhat reassuring, and stands directly above the bag. You can orient the screen vertically or horizontally. There is a remote control hidden underneath.

A movie night under the stars, but not for viewing Oppenheimer

The screen is a 27-inch 1080p 60Hz LCD panel, so it’s very classic, but it will do the trick for an evening of camping. The point is probably not to rely too much on the battery built into the box, which is only able to provide 3 hours of use. You will have to choose your film carefully, so, A Oppenheimer For 3 hours, for example

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For navigation, a touch user interface is integrated. This works under WebOS and is very practical and reminiscent of any Android tablet: pressing from the bottom of the screen takes you back to the home page, from the sides of the screen there is a backspace and the shortcuts menu slides down from the top of the screen. Netflix, Apple TV, Disney+, Prime Video, Spotify, and YouTube TV are integrated. Broadcast 2 is also supported.

Sound is provided by a 20-watt speaker that is Dolby Atmos compatible. From what we heard, the volume seems just right and the bass is good. The case is compatible with WiFi 5 and Bluetooth 5.0.

The LG StandbyME Go costs $999. It will be released next September in several European markets, so hopefully it will be available in France.

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