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Les Mycéliades, science fiction festival

Les Mycéliades, science fiction festival

In more than 50 cities in France, film lovers and media libraries will bring this science fiction festival to the regions, on the theme of endless journeys. In Guérande, films, video games and meetings are on the program of this fortnight. Infinite Journeys will come in multiple aspects:

– Space travel with the screening of the films Wall-E and ET the Extraterrestrial or a meeting with the Grain de Ciel Astronomy Society about space exploration and the screening of the film In the Eyes of Thomas Pesquet

– Time travel with the films Back to the Future and Interstellar

Astrophysicist Mathilde Gödel will be the guest of this festival and will present an interesting conference on interstellar travel. Fiction or reality? In what cinema presents us on screen, is everything possible? Teleportation, black holes, the Millennium Falcon's light speed, or Han Solo's freezing temperatures… is this scientifically possible? Through supporting video excerpts, it will expose all the fantasy that Hollywood spreads regarding scientific knowledge.

Budding explorers will be able to participate in numerous digital workshops, to build their own robots or even create and launch their own shuttle, rocket, plane or satellite, in a flight simulator game.
Other meetings will allow as many people as possible to discover games inspired by science fiction, basic novels or comics of the genre, or even reader favorites.

program :

Performances at Ciné-presqu'île

And the foreigner (Steven Spielberg – 1982); 1h55
A small alien object has lost more than 3 million light-years from its planet. A little 10 year old boy will do anything to bring him home. Two lives are turned upside down by an eternal adventure and a friendship that knows no bounds on earth.
Saturday, February 3 at 6:10 pm | Cinema prequel

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Interstellar (Christopher Nolan – 2014); 2Q49
As the end of life on Earth approaches, a group of explorers embark on the most important mission in human history: crossing the borders of our galaxy to find out if humans can live on another planet…

Friday, February 9 at 8:30 pm | Cinema prequel

Back to the future (Robert Zemeckis – 1985); 1h56
The action takes place in 1985…but not for long. Because young Marty McFly will soon be propelled into the past, more specifically to 1955, aboard the plutonium-powered DeLorean, a car created by the eccentric genius Doc Emmett Brown. But by inadvertently preventing his parents from falling in love, he causes a chain reaction that disrupts space-time and risks ruining his destiny…
Saturday, February 10 at 6 pm | Cinema prequel

Wall e. (Andrew Stanton – 2008); 1h38
WALL-E is the last being on Earth, and he turns out to be… a little robot! 700 years ago, humanity abandoned our planet, leaving this amazing little machine to clean up the Earth. But after all these years, WALL-E has developed a small technical flaw: a strong personality. So curious, so reckless, and above all so lonely…
Sunday, February 11 at 2 pm | Cinema prequel

Conferences and meetings

– Space exploration by the Grain de Ciel Astronomy Society
Stream the movie In the Eyes of Thomas Pesquet and Other Space Adventures (26 minutes) Followed by a discussion on the history and current affairs of space exploration.
Tuesday, February 6 at 7 pm | Media library

– From Imagination to Science: Interstellar Travel by Mathilde Gödel, astrophysicist and science mediator
Mathilde Gaudel will lift the veil on interstellar travel as Hollywood sees it. Everything will be examined through teleportation, black holes, the speed of light of the Millennium Falcon or the freezing temperatures of Han Solo, in order to re-establish the truth.
Saturday, February 10 at 4 pm | Cinema prequel

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Digital workshops/games

– “D'clis” digital workshop: Kerbal Space flight simulation program
Build your own rocket, plane, satellite or space station
Tuesday, February 6 and 13 (2-session workshop) – 5:15 pm to 6:45 pm – Multimedia Room (Athanor)
From 10 years

– Video game afternoon: space exploration and robotics
Intergalactic games on PC and discover robot programming
Wednesday, February 7 – 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM – Multimedia Room (Athanor)
From 9 years

– Digital Meeting: Discover the virtual reality headset
Aboard the International Space Station or in the Star Wars universe, 360-degree immersion!
Friday, February 9 – 4:15 PM to 5:45 PM – Multimedia Room (Athanor)
From 9 years

– Board games in the afternoon
Le Graal Ludik toy store and media library collaborate for an afternoon board game on the theme of endless journeys.
Wednesday, February 14 – from 2 pm to 6 pm – Media Library
Starting from 7 years old

– Video Games: Among Us
Uncover the impostors in the future version of The Werewolves of Thiercelieux. Saturday, February 17 – from 2 pm to 5 pm – Multimedia Room (Athanor) from 9 years old

Writing reading

– Space Readers Café

Share your favorites and discover science fiction books.
Thursday, February 15 – 7 pm – Media Library

– Writing workshop: short science fiction stories
Workshop led by Damian Port Bloom.
Saturday, February 3 – from 10 am to 12:30 pm and from 2 pm to 4:30 pm – Media Library

Information and reservations:

Athanor Cultural Center
2 rue Anne de Bretagne
44350 Gerande

02 40 24 75 91
[email protected]

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