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Les Bleus had a run-in against Ireland before Australia

Les Bleus had a run-in against Ireland before Australia

Coach HERVE RENARD (FRANCK FIFE) during the Blues’ training at the center of Clarifontaine on June 23, 2023.

Les Bleus won against the Irish in Dublin (3-0) on Thursday, thanks to Maëlle Lakr’s double in a chaotic game, especially since midfielder Amantine Henry was out two days before the big departure for Australia.

The match at Dublin’s Tallaght Stadium, sold out (7,600) in rain and Irish air, was intended to confirm World Cup preparation for Hervé Renard’s men two weeks earlier. and change the details.

In the first half, he was able to show difficulties especially in defense, often hustling and in midfield, in changes, in front, Eugenie Le Somer touched very few balls.

“We’re gaining momentum. Inevitably, when you play against an opponent, you can repeat some things in practice, it’s different. There will be things to improve on, that’s why we do this kind of competition,” Blue said. Capt. Wendy Renard at Wednesday’s press conference Thursday.

Facing a compact and high block, the French women struggled to build and lacked intensity, much to the chagrin of Herve Renard. Because a goal from the Greens would have put the Blues in the lead had it not been disallowed for offside.

“High intensity”, “move”, the coach repeated several times from the bench in the first 40 minutes.

– Three out of three for Renard –

Les Bleus listened to him and at the end of the period, pounced on the Irish twice in quick succession.

Montpellier defender Maëlle Lakrar, 23, scored her first goal for her third start in French colors after one of the first French breakthroughs in the opposition area (45th + 1).

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Two minutes later, Eugenie Le Somer, who had been discreet until then, scored her 89th goal for France (45th + 3) after a great combination move.

In the second half, Les Bleus and Lager had a wind-carried path on their side.

A corner well taken by Kenza Daly saw the Montpellier defender head the ball well to earn the points for Oceania.

– Henry is seized and his face covered –

It was the third victory for the coach after two performances in April, against the Canadians, the Olympic champions (2-1), and against Colombia (5-2).

The shadow of the board comes from the bench: midfielder Amantine Henry, after a two-and-a-half-year absence, was lost with a calf strain.

A source close to the Blues told AFP on Thursday that he was “not very optimistic” about the former captain’s participation in the World Cup.

“It’s going to be difficult now, we’re going to say it’s a very bad time for it to happen. It’s fate, there’s an MRI tomorrow but in general we know what to expect, it’s not going to be available, it’s necessary. It has to be changed,” Herve Renard said after the match.

Appearing, her face was heavily covered on the bench during the warm-up, and Henry must take the exam in Paris on Friday.

Kaditidiadou Diani, who has been out of action for three months since a collarbone injury, was in perfect rhythm during his playing time without increasing his usual pace.

Another Les Bleues executive, Amel Majri, who felt pain from surgery on his knee in the last fortnight, returned at the end of the match (84th), as did defender Elisa de Almeida (61st). Conductors.

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In his notebook, Hervé Renard will no doubt have several observations to make going into the next two weeks. Analysis is key as Les Bleus fly to Australia on Saturday to face their host nation in a friendly in Melbourne on July 14. The World Cup will begin on July 23 in Sydney against Jamaica.