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Le Nouvelleste |  It's official: PNH announces the resumption of Varreux station

Le Nouvelleste | It’s official: PNH announces the resumption of Varreux station

It’s official: PNH announces the resumption of Varreux station

Posted on 11-04- 2022 |

The National Police of Haiti (PNH) announced on social networks that they have regained control of the Varreux station. This strategic infrastructure – where 70% of the country’s petroleum product storage capacity is located – has been under the control of gangs since September 12. PNH has released photos and videos to support this claim.

The police carried out an operation on Wednesday and Thursday with the aim of allowing activities to resume at the main oil terminal which was taken hostage by militants. Several police units were deployed for this purpose and customers used armored vehicles to drive out the bandits. The association said on its networks that the security forces destroyed a device used by bandits to dig trenches and set up barriers on the road leading to the station,” noting that an employee in Faro was injured during an exchange between law enforcement men and bandits.

Heavy gunfire was heard on Friday in the area where the crossing is located. Sources told Le Nouvelliste that operations are continuing.

Negotiations or clashes?

On CNN, Harrison Earnest, the former general manager of Haitian National Television, said he mediated between Prime Minister Ariel Henry and gang leader Jimmy Schreizer to get the latter to leave the station. “I spoke to Jimmy Sherezer and asked him to leave the building because the children have to go back to school. We urged the government to do its part to ensure that there is fuel that needs to reach consumers. We have been working for two weeks with the government and gangs to unlock the fuel. Mr. Ernst did not mention any trade-offs between the two parties.

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Jean Junior Joseph, an adviser to the prime minister, quoted by CNN, denied allegations that the government was going to negotiate with Jimmy Schreizer. However, CNN has come forward, admitting that the prime minister met with Dr. Harrison Ernst. We do not deal with gangs and do not negotiate with gangs, we want to reopen schools and resume economic activities as quickly as possible. “The prime minister met with Harrison Ernst but they did not enter into any negotiations with the gangs,” CNN quoted Special Counsel Jean Junior Joseph as saying.

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