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Large experimental gatherings: only 15 of the 60,000 people infected with COVID-19

Large experimental gatherings: only 15 of the 60,000 people infected with COVID-19

The British Ministry of Health said on Friday that only 15 of the 60,000 people took part in mass rallies without distance or masks in the United Kingdom as part of experimental tests who had tested positive for the Coronavirus.

In order to be able to again declare mass events this summer in the face of declining pollution, the Boris Johnson government has allowed nine major events to be held in May with mitigating measures to combat COVID.

Three football matches at Wembley Stadium (21,000 people), the Brit Awards Gala at the O2 Arena (4,000), the Billiards World Cup Final and many events in Liverpool – including a 3000-person gig plus a music festival – take part in these auditions Experimental.

All participants had to test negative for COVID-19 within 24 hours of the events, some of which did not request masks or social distancing.

After the party, they also had to do a PCR test at home. Only 15 of the 60,000 participants ended up testing positive for COVID-19.

This result is consistent with the pollution rate found in the entire British population, which is 22 people out of 100,000, according to the latest data released by health authorities.

“These pilot projects are scientifically designed and monitored to reduce the risk of infection for the participants,” the Ministry of Health commented, adding “closely” with the UK tracking system “to ensure that everything in the world is found after a positive test.”

The country hardest hit in Europe by the coronavirus pandemic With nearly 128,000 deaths, the United Kingdom has seen a remarkable improvement in its health status after strict confinement during the winter season and a strong vaccination campaign.

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England is seeing “warning signs of a possible increase” in pollution, even if the rate remains “low,” according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), which estimates that one in 1,110 people has the disease. Last week, the last time the bulletin was published on Friday.

Since the new lifting of restrictive measures on Monday, cultural venues and stadiums in England can hold up to 1,000 spectators indoors, and up to 4,000 outdoors, but always in compliance with sanitary regulations.

The government promised to lift the latest restrictive measures on June 21, on the condition that the epidemic remains under control. However, the development of the so-called Indian variant, which is more contagious, worries the authorities, and risks delaying the reopening altogether.