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Labor rejects one of its candidates after comments about Israel

Labor rejects one of its candidates after comments about Israel

The issue is embarrassing for Labor leader Keir Starmer: poll-favored to become British prime minister this year, he is seeking to deflect accusations that his predecessor Jeremy Corbyn, who was leader of the opposition, allowed anti-Semitism. To blossom in its ranks.

Azhar Ali was Labour's candidate in the February 29 by-election in Rochdale, north-west England, which aims to replace MP Tony Lloyd, who died last month. But this elected official said during a local meeting this fall that Israel deliberately allowed an attack on Hamas on its soil on Oct. 7 to justify an invasion of the Gaza Strip.

After initially backing Azhar Ali, who later apologized, the Labor Party dropped him on Monday evening in light of “new information”. The Daily Mail published a recording of the meeting, during which the candidate accused “the media – and some working in the media from Jewish quarters” of working to support the suspension of former Palestinian Labor MP Andy Macdonald. .

“Labour Hasn't Changed”

“These are very unusual circumstances, but it is vital that any candidate put forward by the Labor Party fully represents its aims and values,” its spokesman insisted. With nominations closed, there will be no Labor representatives for the Rochdale election. Azhar Ali will sit as an independent if elected. Britain's main opposition Labor Party will win this year's general elections against the 14-year-old Conservative Party.

Its leader, Keir Starmer, has made it his mission to stamp out anti-Semitism within the party after a series of incidents under former Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn. “Labour hasn't changed, it's a scam,” replied Conservative Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

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