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Charles III touched on his brief interview with Harry

Charles III touched on his brief interview with Harry

On February 6, after the public announcement of his cancer, King Charles met Prince Harry for only 45 minutes. In short, their meeting touched this 75-year-old father.

The reunion between King Charles and his youngest son, Prince Harry, was admittedly short-lived. And the whole world is the subject of great debate. What could they have said to each other in those 45 minutes behind the thick walls of Clarence House? Was their exchange heated? Freezing? No one will know. Father and son naturally want to keep this to themselves.

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And yet, we can easily imagine them both gripped by minimal emotion in those first moments of finally seeing each other “for real.” Just think! It has been almost a year since their eyes met. And lastly, remember, May 2023 on the Coronation Day of the current British Sovereign at Westminster Abbey. Here too the crowd is hectic.

Charles, the happy father

It didn't last long on February 6, when Harry, listening only to his heart, jumped on a plane for a very early return trip to London. He had to go and show his love and support to the king. A source close to the royal family has revealed to our colleagues in the British press that the surprise appearance, Harry's almost insane gesture, nevertheless “touched Charles III greatly”. How can you not be…

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This delicate attention, this frustrated tête-à-tête somehow caught up in an overburdened royal agenda, would have especially pleased a father who copes every day with the absence of his youngest son, who has moved to live on the other side. Atlantic. Not to mention the disappointment of not seeing his beloved grandchildren, Archie and Lilibet, whom he knew. That's bad. No doubt a regret for this patriot. But this short interview, albeit too brief under a rainy London sky, opens a door: that of compromise. According to local media, the king would “love it”. Like him, we hope this visit will finally be the first in a long list. When is the next visit Harry? The question must be asked.

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Prince Harry in Las Vegas on February 8, 2024, two days after his interview with Charles III. © Perry Knotts / Contributor / Getty Images