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“La Roussillonnaise”, a new space dedicated to associations in Rivesaltes

“La Roussillonnaise”, a new space dedicated to associations in Rivesaltes

The Town Hall “La Rusilonese” was inaugurated on Friday. In this space, the “Muscat” room of 415 square meters will be open to all associations in the city.

On Friday 30 June, in the presence of Mayor André Pascoe and his Municipal Council, the Municipality inaugurated a new building called “La Roussillonise” in the parking lot of the Town Hall.

Two rooms and a shelter

Throughout the municipality, many guests who attended the event were invited to visit the facilities. This building, which is divided into three parts, contains a first room of 415 square meters, which is called “Muscat”. This is open to private procedures organized by all Rivesaltes associations. The second room of 140 square meters called “Grenache” is intended for meetings of priority for the work of the municipality. As for the reserve area of ​​120m2, it is used to store equipment. There is also a kitchen and bar area in the annexe. The total cost of the work is 334,000 euros including tax.

As for the question: Will a large room dedicated to assemblies for specific operations replace the performance space of the domes? Andre Pascoe explains: “With domes, we’re not on the same model. Running it financially heavy, while for this room, it’s much lighter.” So, it’s a great fiscal operation.

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