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According to Science, These 4 Signs You Should Watch Out for Can Be a 90% Indication That Your Relationship Is About to Divorce

The reasons that can push a couple to separate are numerous: between lack of passion, lack of complicity, fatigue or fear of committing more … However, the most difficult part is to succeed in recognizing when the separation is close and threatening. In fact, it is not always easy to recognize that our relationship is in the process of faltering, unless you point to some clues that are hardly false.

study conducted by John Gottmanone of the founders Guttmann InstituteHe even asserts that there are four very specific signs that can Predicting a couple’s breakup with over 90% accuracy.. But what are they?

What are the four signs that the spouses are threatened with divorce?

As mentioned Mary FranceAnd When your partner always makes you feel defensiveThis is indeed one of the most alarming signs. According to a relationship coach Kim BolinderAnd “This situation is about finding more and more excuses not to take responsibility for your actions.”. A situation in which you must bear your share of responsibility for the complaints of your other half by relying on the 1% rule: “Is 1% of what your partner complains about true? If so, take responsibility for the 1%. Couples are so busy defending each other that empathy gets lost in the conversation.”adds the specialist.

Then comes a more dangerous practice, called stalling, which simply gives you the impression that you’re talking to a wall. The other becomes more and more mute as the days go by, almost running away from you so they don’t have to talk to you. “When it comes to procrastination, both partners need to understand the importance of defusing arguments and learning to recognize when a partner is sinking in. And if you take a break, it shouldn’t last more than a day.”says Kim Bolinder.

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Only when destructive contempt The couple settle down, which is often a sign of an impending separation. It happens a lot through sighs, mischievous spades, and murderous looks. Too many passive aggressive tactics that only bring the end of the relationship closer.

Finally, beware of reviewsThis is never good in a couple, especially when it becomes more frequent and non-constructive. More than criticism, these remarks take the form of a reprimand that will only lead to more frustration and stress in the couple.