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La Couronne: "Tuesdays are allowed" at Espace Saint-Jean

La Couronne: “Tuesdays are allowed” at Espace Saint-Jean

This is all completed by a sophistical workshop for adults at the end of the afternoon and a communal meal from the basket to conclude in the evening. Led by Mehdi Aishouchen, CSCS Digital Consultant, the IT workshop was one of the novelties this year. “With games on computers or tablets for thinking and strategy, but also educational, working memory or vocabulary, not to mention the practical use of digital technology in everyday life and warning against misinformation from social networks,” is the details. “Remote play is a new focus and perhaps the future for us”Couronnais Exchequer president Jean-Luc Plassard notes that he is happy to see the youngsters and not just switch from online chess to the traditional game offered a stone’s throw away. Not far away, orange ball fans had the choice between mini basketball and healthy basketball. “All these very important close exchanges between parents and children can be done in pairs,” Couronnais sports painter Aymeric Arnaud recalls. There were also a lot of exchanges in the Petits Débrouillards workshop about cartoon games and “challenge factories” to be faced. With curiosity and questions and answers I am happy to share and participate.

Next dates: July 19th and 26th and August 23rd from 4pm to 9pm with free access to the Espace Saint-Jean.

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