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Kent Hughes has completed the most complex deal in recent years

Kent Hughes has completed the most complex deal in recent years

When a transaction is made in the NHL, one of the first reactions of hockey fans is to go to specialized sites to quickly see the impact on their favorite team’s payroll, because in a world with a salary cap, every dollar can become important.

Fortunately, the site Cape friendly He keeps an eye on things and is always there to report information and impacts quickly.

with Jimmy Davis At its head, this specialized site is also managed by three other people, namely his two brothers Rayyan And Chris And also Montreal Dominic Zrem.

Thanks to the speed of its updating and above all the accuracy of its information, Cape friendly He quickly became the number one authority in the NHL, both among fans and team managers.

But some transactions are more complex than others to understand and update. In an interview with a journalist Stu Quan the Montreal GazetteBig man on the site, Jimmy Davissays he always carries a laptop with him in case an NHL trade is announced.

Although he generally has to disappear for 5 or 10 minutes just to update information after the deal is announced, Davis nevertheless admits that the person who gave him the most trouble was definitely him. Kent Hughes He also acquired the veteran striker Sean Monahan From the Calgary Flames.

Let us remember the endless terms and conditions that were attached to the exchange.

By his own admission, Davis, who was at a post-wedding reception with his family at the time, had to disappear for two long hours so that he could fully analyze and understand all the information in the terms of the deal before he could do so. To update it on the website.

“We were at a reception after my sister-in-law’s wedding. That’s when Sean Monahan got traded to the Montreal Canadiens. Normally, when a trade happens, I have to disappear for 5 to 10 minutes. But this deal had a lot of conditions. I had to leave for Two hours and I write down all the terms on a sheet of paper to fully understand the impact of each on the draft picks in question as well as other relevant exchanges.”

-Jimmy Davis

When the Canadian CEO literally managed to stop the life of the brain behind him Cape friendly For two hours, we can say that it is because he did a good job in his negotiations.

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A year later, with everything he got for next to nothing, it’s safe to say it was a stroke of genius Kent Hughes.