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Kayden Primo returns to Laval

Kayden Primo returns to Laval

The Canadian gave up goalkeeper Kayden Primo in front of a Laval missile.

This was confirmed by the team via Twitter.

So this is excellent news for Canadians. Jake Allen will be ready to come back, then.

Allen was injured a week ago in Detroit and has been on the sidelines ever since. He is not on the injured list and is presumably ready to play.

The Canadians’ next game will only be on Wednesday, so it gives Allen some time to recover before possibly taking part in the game against the Washington Capitals. The way Samuel Montembolt played against the Nashville Predators last night, I would have given him another start.

We’ll see what Dominique Ducharme decided to do.

As for Primo, he participated in two meetings. One in New York against Rangers and the other against the Pittsburgh Penguins. Although he lost both games, he did well against the Rangers and against Pittsburgh, he was left to his own devices throughout the game.

It will be able to continue its development on the orders of Jean-Francois Hoully.


With Primo sacked from the MLS, Kevin Boleyn will soon return to Trois-Rivieres with the Lions.

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