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Jurassic World at Videotron Centre: Dinosaurs invade Quebec

Jurassic World at Videotron Centre: Dinosaurs invade Quebec

Jurassic World took over the Videotron Center on Thursday evening, and the sheer enormity of the escaped dinosaurs was enough to make even the most avid hunters shudder.

The beauty of the decor, the realism of the giant screens in the background, and the size of the dinosaurs made for an evening that was as dazzling as it was terrifying during the show Jurassic Worldpassing through Quebec.

Photo by QMI Agency / Pascal Haute

Several thousand parents, accompanied by the best experts on these large reptiles, attended to see the prehistoric animals monopolize the amphitheater, from earth to sky.

However, it was fortunate that the gorgeous and dangerous Jenny, who was about 10 feet tall, was there, otherwise the D-Team would have…Dr There is no doubt that Walker would have died facing his fierce opponents.

Jenny defended her people from her attackers.

Photo by QMI Agency / Pascal Haute

In addition to the giant animals highlighted during the show, credit must be given to the stunt performers as well. On one wheel while riding a motocross bike or by throwing themselves from the top of the sets, they managed to make this show as close as possible to what we saw on the big screen.

The show was designed to appeal to young people, the French translation of the script proved to be of high quality, and it did not appear that any actor on stage had to express themselves.

The scene outside the Videotron Center was enough to take all the parents back to their younger years as we saw hundreds of children leaving with dinosaur hats and toys bearing the franchise’s image.

Jurassic World It is presented at the Videotron Center until 1 p.many October.