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Canada’s Walk of Fame: Bagh will be inducted tonight

Canada’s Walk of Fame: Bagh will be inducted tonight

Singer-songwriter Michele Pagliaro, also known as Pug, will be inducted Thursday evening onto Canada’s Walk of Fame in Toronto.

The Canadian rock singer, who defined the 70s and 80s in both official languages, will be included along with 12 other rock bands or singers who developed on the music scene at the same time.

They include Glass Tiger, Loverboy, April Wine, Chilliwack and Max Webster, as well as Platinum Blonde, The Parachute Club, Rough Trade, Prism, Trooper, Lighthouse and singer Lee Aaron.

Canadian artists will be honored Thursday as part of a “mega induction ceremony,” the first of two induction ceremonies planned for 2023 to mark the 25th anniversary.H The organization’s anniversary, and everyone must perform on stage.

The annual induction ceremony will be broadcast in December.

Canada’s Walk of Fame is a non-profit organization that honors Canadians who have excelled in the fields of arts, entertainment, science, technology, philanthropy and athletics.

Note that Michel Rivard, Margot and Jean Millaire will be inducted into the Pantheon of Canadian Writers and Composers on October 11 at Espace Saint-Denis in Montreal.

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