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Jordan Harris is training like a guy who could come back tomorrow

Jordan Harris is training like a guy who could come back tomorrow

This afternoon, the Canadian trained near Raleigh in preparation for tomorrow night's match against the Hurricanes.

Obviously we've been particularly monitoring the status of Jordan Harris who is close to returning. He hadn't played before the Christmas break, but we knew it was only a matter of time before we saw him in a uniform again.

Obviously, it seems that everything can be done tomorrow. In practice, Harris was paired with Jayden Strobel and looked like the guy who would be able to return to action tomorrow.

No confirmation yet, of course, but if not tomorrow, it seems more and more imminent.

If Harris were to play alongside Strobel tomorrow, it would be a great story considering both men played together in the NCAA. They are very close and “grew up” together on the Canadian breeding grounds.

Meanwhile, this will be a story for Strobel, who will receive a huge vote of confidence. With David Savard back and Jordan Harris not looking set to steal his position, this means that with a completely intact defensive brigade (except for Chris Weidman, but let's just say he's clearly not going to steal Strobel's spot), the Greeks are 'God'. He is one of Montreal's six regulars.

So the next question is who will be cut from the 23-man roster to make room for Harris. Emile Heinemann could be sent back to Laval (he's not yet), Justin Barron could also join the Rockets or Gustav Lindstrom could be placed on waivers in the coming days if Harris isn't ready yet tomorrow (should have been today) to make room for Harris tomorrow).

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I don't expect the goalkeeping problem to be resolved by tomorrow, but in the medium term, it may be possible. Speaking of goalies, Kayden Primeau will be in net tomorrow night, while Jake Allen and Samuel Montembault will start in the next two games.

So this will be something to watch between now and tomorrow, but Jordan Harris appears closer than ever to returning to action.

It will now be up to Kent Hughes to find space…and no, it won't be Jayden Strobel who will struggle.

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