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Jordan Harris is disqualified in USA win

Jordan Harris is disqualified in USA win

The World Championships started today. We’re seen in Al Kindi, Josh Anderson (Canada), Joel Jeremiah (Finland), Frederic Deshaux (Denmark), Jordan Harris and Sean Farrell (US). These are the five representatives of flannel.

This morning, Quebec time, the United States faced Latvia.

What we notice, first of all, is that Sean Farrell was playing in the fourth line. As a potential, maybe it’s only natural that he didn’t get the biggest ice time – and he didn’t get a single point in the 4-1 win.

But Harris did not play. He was excluded from the game.

Why was it excluded? Is the US defense so impenetrable? Does a young man’s lack of experience mean he has to wait for a position to become available?

I do not know. But even then, he can still learn from his veterans.

He said so, as stated in penciljournalist Jared Bock seems to think there’s more.

He suspects that something may keep him out of the lineup, as he is not on the official US list. Is there an error?

I hope he can be back in the squad soon. However, the mention that his place is open could mean he’ll be the extra man if the top American defenders in the NHL are eliminated and have to be relegated to the tournament.

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He would probably be the one to take the hit in such a situation.

But good. Whether he plays or not, Harris steps in to USA Hockey, which is good news for the rest of his career. In the next few years, it could take off and come back strong.

I recall that Canada was playing against Germany at the time of writing this article.

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