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Jon Stewart is destroying Joe Biden

Jon Stewart is destroying Joe Biden

After a nine-year absence, Jon Stewart returned Monday night to direct the show Daily show. The person who entertained and informed an entire generation about the political issues that divide the country has lost none of his vitality and poignancy.

He is generally described as a progressive, but he has never hesitated to denigrate Democrats or the left-wing media.

This was the case last night. And if he didn't make an exception for Trump, he punished Joe Biden severely.

Americans can do better!

Stewart's entire first segment revolved around this question: Can't we do better than Trump and Biden?

Although it is clear that he does not have Trump in his heart, he refuses to give Biden a free pass, highlighting on numerous occasions his slips of the tongue, his oversights, and the bad strategies of those around him.

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It seemed to me that this sermon very much brought to mind the importance of opposing Trump with a strong candidate. Let me translate freely, but Stuart says that when the barbarians are at the gates, we want Conan defending the castle, not the old man who loves cookies.

France Press agency

This latest reference refers to Biden's presence on TikTok during the Super Bowl. Instead of answering questions in front of journalists, as his predecessors did, the current president preferred a formula that did not suit him at all.

As the host said: How to use TikTok and look older!!

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I have repeatedly expressed my desire for Biden to be here for only one term and I fully share Stewart's concerns. It is precisely because Trump is dangerous that we must ensure that Biden is able to implement his full measures over the next four years.

Surrender can still be left

Nine months before the election, is it too late for Biden to give up? Two journalists from Politico websiteCharlie Mahtisyan and Stephen Shepard presented a scenario on Tuesday that would allow him to do just that in style.

It is proposed to continue the primary votes, which should end in a landslide victory for Joe Biden over his only competitor, Dean Phillips. Once the delegates are in power, the president can announce in June that even if he believes in his chances, he has listened to the Americans and will give up his seat.

Potential candidates can use the summer to gauge the waters by collecting opinion polls, with a final selection to be made during the conference in August.

Nominees such as Gavin Newsom or Gretchen Whitmer, two figures Biden admires, could be usefully introduced. Only the thorny problem of removing Kamala Harris will remain, but her hungry support will determine her fate.

It is very likely that Biden will remain the candidate in 2024, but we do not rule out that this scenario will get out of control yet. If it seemed far-fetched in February, it may be doable in August.