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Joannie Rochette has completely turned the page and is now an anesthesiologist

While shinning at the Vancouver Olympics in 2010 in appalling conditions, Joannie Rochette turned the page on her career as a figure skater a few years ago to undertake, at the age of 29, studies in medicine.

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during his visit to the towerShe said, Tuesday evening Helen Bourgeois Leclerc Having now completed the ‘Studies Section’ of his medication and is now in the process of doing his residency as an Anesthesiologist.

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After my medication […]At first, I wanted to go into family medicine, but finally, internship […], I wanted something tangible and then technical. I think as an athlete I’ve done a lot of technical movements and the anesthesia is still very technical; She said from the start it’s small movements, small sensations, big precision, doses.

“It’s still very stimulating, there are, day in and day out, there are cases where it’s very calm, there’s maybe 10 to 15% of cases where it’s very stimulating, there, so many things happening at the same time, it’s still stressful,” she added. You manage your stress well, too.”

Helen eventually asked her if she had missed the athletic atmosphere that came with her job as an athlete and all that came with it.

“It’s hard, for a lot of athletes, after that, there’s always a little post-Olympics depression, or changes in your life; there’s no framework anymore, you decide, it’s no longer my coach who decides. It seems like I never thought.” Me: Do this, do that, okay, I’ll correct the movement,” she says thoughtfully.

“But certainly going back into medicine, I think it’s a little bit more familiar ground in the sense that you have a path already laid out, you can do this, this, that, you have revision […]I think that’s familiar ground that might be nice to own.”

“It’s not easy when all your life, you wake up in the morning with a goal in 4 or 8 years, with the Olympics, and then there, all of a sudden, you wake up in the morning and then ‘you no longer have that goal, you no longer have a reason to get up in the morning.'”

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“Since I was three or four years old, I’ve been dreaming of going to the Olympics, and then all of a sudden it’s like, Well what? What’s left?” […] I guess that’s also why I needed another goal that would get me excited with a particular framework, but other than that, on the athletic side, I think it’s important to keep goals as well. When I go cross-country skiing, I watch my time a little bit and try to do a little bit better each time. I don’t know if it’s healthy out there (laughs), but just to motivate me a little bit,” she admitted, touching her legendary smile to her lips.

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Joannie Rochette also admitted to Hélène Bourgeois-Leclerc that she was never particularly drawn to the spotlight and all the stardom it brings. Even the former athlete is glad that in the operating room she obviously has to wear a mask and a hat, which at the same time allows her to remain anonymous.

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