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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck: Their relationship ended forever

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck: Their relationship ended forever

Between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, things will go on.

A source close to the couple actually revealed to People magazine that the two stars, who recently got back together after their engagement in the early 2000s, are taking their relationship very seriously.

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“Since Jennifer and Ben’s relationship is going to continue, it makes sense to see them together all the time with the kids.”

As a reminder, Jennifer is the mother of 13-year-old twins, Amy and Maximilian, while Ben is the father of Samuel (9), Seraphina (12) and Violet (15) with ex-wife Jennifer Garner.

The informant added, “They don’t want to rush but they want all the kids to get to know each other. They make the summer as fun as possible. They will have to go back to work soon and the kids will have to go to school.”

Separately, it was recently revealed that the lovebirds are looking for a home together in Los Angeles.

The couple have already been spotted in the Holmby Hills neighborhood observing a $65 million home, and according to TMZ, the property has a size of more than 31,000 square meters including 8 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms.

And if they haven’t yet confirmed their desire to move in together, their friends think it shouldn’t be long.

“They spend all their time together and make their relationship a priority,” a source said.

The two stars recently reconnected after they were previously engaged from 2002 to 2004, and sources close to the couple told Entertainment Tonight that things are getting serious between them.

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“Their friends wouldn’t be surprised if they moved in together,” the informant said.

“They spend all their free time together and consider their relationship a priority. J.Lo falls in love easily and that’s clearly the case again with Ben. Ben is a normal guy who J. Lo adores. He has his own life and he’s not as famous as you are. He doesn’t want to Be in competition. They support each other.”