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Attend the touching meeting between Nico Rasicut and Etienne, son of Francine Ruel

Attend the touching meeting between Nico Rasicut and Etienne, son of Francine Ruel

serial Anna and Arnaud It ended yesterday, Tuesday evening. However, two projects parallel to the series are available to the public, which are the issue of breaking taboos and learning more about the reality of the homeless.

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at the end of october, First Trailer Shared!Thus, he reveals the new project he was working on Francine Roel. After his novel Anna and the old man And the series Anna and Arnaud, two projects inspired by her personal story, Francine Ruel leaves fiction for reality in a new documentary. authorized link rebuilding, This is a documentary in which the actress and author recounts her relationship with her son, Etienne, who has substance abuse problems. We’ll also see other parents going through similar situations.

Now, besides the documentary, another interesting project is also available to the public: it’s a podcast calledArnaud Etienne, the harsh reality. Through the short episodes, we relive the journey of Etienne, son of Francine Ruel, as well as the various issues he faces such as collection and consumption.

Posted earlier Wednesday on .’s Facebook page value added taxan excerpt from the podcast that allows us to watch the meeting between Nico RasicutArnaud’s translator in the series, and Etienne, son of Francine Ruel who inspired the character.

The two men had a touching discussion together, all frankly. Watch this moment below:

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“For the first time, actor Nico Rasicut who plays Arnaud in Anna and Arnaud meets Etienne, the person who inspired his character. During this meeting where fiction rubs against reality, Nico asks Etienne about his unique career and tells him how he put himself in Arnaud’s shoes.

All episodes are available in Radio QUB.

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As for the documentary, after a trailer that quickly went viral across the web and sparked the curiosity of netizens, the first excerpts have now been posted on TVA’s Facebook page.

We recall that Rebuild the link First available from 1st to 8th November VAT +Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until Tuesday, November 22 at 9 p.m. for the TV broadcast.

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