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Jeff Gorton credits Martin St. Louis for facilitating CH's work on Deadline

Jeff Gorton credits Martin St. Louis for facilitating CH’s work on Deadline

This morning, Jeff Gorton was on TSN 690 to talk about the teleDON organized by The Canadian.

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It’s rare to see a Canadian vice president speak in public because it’s often GM Kent Hughes who speaks to the media on behalf of the Canadian hockey division.

So it was clear that he would be asked questions about the club.

What really catches the eye is Martin St. Louis.

Yes, players’ performance is the focal point, but it’s all about how St. Louis gets players to play and manages to motivate them. This allowed the players to improve.

According to Hughes, each of them has been doing better since February, when the switch was made. So St-Louis has given a second wind for the season and says the team has had the most fun having been around for two months.

And with the strength of the circumstances, he also credits his coach with the sweet deadline. He returned the value to the men and the management benefited from that. Nice staff.

Without Martin St. Louis, transactions were not good. All players have progressed and increased in value. – Jeff Gorton

The club is looking good (which surprised Gorton, who wasn’t expecting much) and St Louis appear to be enjoying their new role. We shouldn’t be surprised to see the vice president of Canadians have said publicly (two weeks ago) that he wants to keep his coach.

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With a base like Lightning behind the bench, Gorton is clearly proud of his shot.

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