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Jean-Sauvagnac room opened in Paul-Ricard . space

Jean-Sauvagnac room opened in Paul-Ricard . space

There was a lot of emotion during the recent municipal tribute to Jean Sauvignac. In the presence of Senator Jean-Pierre Grande and county councilor Sebastien Frey, the mayor, Stéphane Pepin-Bonnet, unveiled a remarkable plaque at the entrance to Paul Ricard’s Town Hall, along with the family of those who were a local dignitary. On this occasion, Jan Sovignac was on everyone’s mind.

This opening was the culmination of two morning open sessions with the aim of discovering Ricard’s former production centre. Members of the Bessan family flocked there and several former employees of the factory were present to greet the person who was the former manager of the site and president of the Bessan Philharmonic. It is quite natural that the municipality chose to name the entrance building, currently occupied by the Music School, after Jean Sauvagnac.

Surrounded by his two daughters, deeply moved, Stephane Pepin-Bonnet had the honest and thoughtful words of the person who marked a long page in the region’s economic and associative history. Senator Jean-Pierre Grand and District Council Member Sebastien Frey joined in this honor by highlighting the future vision of the mayor and his team through the upcoming acquisition and development of the old factory for the benefit of all residents.

After the unveiling of the painting, the event concluded with a surprise for the family and the Besançon metropolis. With the gentle connivance of Friends of the Donkey, the famous local man of the Waltz Quartet salutes Jean Sauvagnac who has made him dance for decades. And to the beat of the soundtrack recorded by Jan Sovignak himself, the ass developed to the delight of the participants.

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The morning ended with the Friendship Cup, and the anise is clearly in these places.

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