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It’s the end of the barber shop

Two employees confirmed that they had been informed of the bankruptcy of the group and the need to leave the premises before the bailiffs arrived.

We arrived at noon and it was closing. We are told that the stores are bankrupt. We had to get out of the store ASAP.Someone confirms.

Radio-Canada was able to refer to a notice that the Office of the Bankruptcy Superintendent sent out during the day to several stores.

The company run by the CDREM Group, owned by Patrice Demers, former president of CHOI Radio X, was not contacted by Radio Canada again when this article was published.

Sad day, Union says

The sign has 34 stores (including a dozen franchisees) and 150 employees, most of whom are affiliated with the Union of Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW).

It’s a sad day for workers. Many of them have many years of service under their belt. The fact that they declared bankruptcy on Wednesday means they won’t be paid tomorrow. But we will make the representations necessary to obtain the salaries of the employees.UFCW Local 500 President Tony Villato confirmed.

According to him, everything happened very quickly during the day on Wednesday.

I was told the guild came quickly to change the locks, and lock the doors. Will take inventory from stores. »

Quote from Tony Villato, union representative

In recent weeks, the company has been protecting itself from its creditors. A refund plan was offered, but it was not accepted and no serious buyer was found, according to our information.

Founded 60 years ago

The Razor Center was founded about 60 years ago. In early 2010, the group merged with Boutik Electrik.

Five years ago, the group made major changes and became the owner of a part of the stores.

In recent years, the epidemic, e-commerce, labor shortages, and inflation have weakened the group.

With Amazons in this world, it is becoming increasingly difficult to attract customers, especially in mallsMr. Philato explained.

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