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“We will be stronger than many couples!”: 7 men share a common account

Within Montreal, journalist Louis-Philippe Messier is essentially traveling on the run, his office in his backpack, searching for fascinating subjects and people. He talks to everyone and cares about every walk of life in this urban history.

The millionaires, whose members live and work under the same roof, finally realize an old dream: the bank has finally given them a joint account for seven people.

Follow-up to my column about their company “Communist Capitalism” that appeared on NewspaperThe millionaire told me that they were suddenly taken more seriously, who they had been struggling with for over 10 years with mistrust and suspicion.

“It’s like our model becomes valid in people’s minds, from the moment media coverage allows us to explain ourselves and answer questions in interviews,” Jack Blouin, president, told me.

“Before, we were seen as panicky young men, but now people say to themselves: ‘Wait a minute! This is not really stupid, their way of doing things! »

stronger than a couple

“The National Bank has already told us no to the seven-member account, as well as other financial institutions,” says Guillaume Carpentier, Group Accounting Director.

“No doubt they have problems of joint accounts when couples separate…but between the seven of us as partners we shall be much stronger than many couples!” »

Since everyone would draw from the same account, Mr. Carpentier would no longer have to transfer amounts from one account to another all the time to equalize expenses.

All for one

The joint account will certainly be used for group expenses, but also for all individual expenses, including credit card balances, loan repayments, and grants.

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“Once you join the group, the group covers your expenses, including student debt,” says Mr. Carpentier.

“I’ve never seen an account of seven people in 40 years of economic journalism,” Stephane Desjardins, writing in the Argent section of register.

It’s crazy, but encouraging and shows that banks are becoming more resilient under the pressure of new financial technologies. »