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It's possible that Drew McIntyre has secretly re-signed with WWE

It's possible that Drew McIntyre has secretly re-signed with WWE

Much has been made about Drew McIntyre's contractual situation in recent months.

The latest information is that Drew McIntyre has yet to sign a new contract with WWE even though it expires right after WrestleMania 40. It's a worrying situation for a top star in the company as WWE usually seeks to secure its plans and storylines.

WWE today announced PLE's “Clash At The Castle 2” pay-per-view and surprisingly enough, Drew McIntyre appears on the show's poster. Surprising news, knowing that McIntyre was not announced for any WWE show after WrestleMania 40 due to his future being uncertain.

This presence on the poster seems to lead one to believe that Drew Mintyre has secretly re-signed with WWE because in addition to appearing on the poster, he is one of the WWE Superstars announced for the show. Full roster: Drew McIntyre, Alba Fire, Isla Dune, Piper Niven, Nikki Cross, Joe Coffey, Mark Coffey, Wolfgang and Noam Dar.

WWE always signs contracts with wrestlers on its posters to ensure that fans are not disappointed when tickets are sold, without forgetting that they are also advertised on the roster of wrestlers. All that's left to do is wait for official confirmation on Drew McIntyre's future.

Image source: WWE

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