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Natalie Simard denounces the false news circulating about her

Natalie Simard denounces the false news circulating about her

Natalie Simard wanted to get things right after her identity was used in fraudulent scams.

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Earlier this week, the singer, on vacation, came out of her break from social networks to address several subscribers and a wake-up call.

Is that like many other artists, his identity and notoriety has been used by insidious people in order to sell the so-called “miracle” products for weight loss.

“There are people who do not have a life who do not have any kind of benevolence and use my bad reputation, the public figure that I am, in order to sell weight loss products, appetite suppressants. This is wrong! It is not right!” In his magazine Simplement bien with Nathalie SimardThere is no miracle weight loss product.

“I wanted to warn you not to believe all these sales of diet pills I’m supposed to take to lose weight. I repeat, I had bariatric surgery 3 years and a few months ago. That’s why I lost 105 pounds, not because I took birth control pills and appetite suppressants. Never associate with products of this type.

Watch his full video here:

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In the past, like many other artists Michael SharettAnd the Debbie Lynch WhiteAnd the Lauren PaquinAnd the Phil Roy And the Ariane Moffatto name a few, take the floor to warn the public.

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message received!

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