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It will return parity in the order in favor of the sellers (eg CH)

Prior to being drafted first overall in 2022, the Canadians have not had the opportunity to be drafted first overall since 1980. It was coined by Juraj Slavkovsky, as we know.

Can that 42-year gap be saved for another draft pick?

After all, the last time the Canadiens were drafted three times in the first round was in 1981. Mark Hunter, Gilbert Delorme, and Jean Engemann (who had never played in the NHL) were Canadiens selections that year.

And as we know, The Canadiens are currently seeking another first-round pick for the 2023 session. It won’t be as well off as the first two, but hey.

Will Team Flanelle be able to get their hands on another first-round speaking right in the next draft? It will not be easy due to the injuries the club has at the moment.

If Sean Monahan can make a quick comeback, that might help a little bit.

What Marco D’Amico (Montreal Hockey Now) mentioned is that clubs like CH that sell out will have an advantage. why? Because parity is strong in the NHL.

Many clubs will want to buy and this will help sellers who will be waiting. And time, that’s what CH needs to get players back on the ice in good shape.

It’s true, when you look at the ratings, that the par is pretty good right now. The arrangement, especially in the East, is tight enough for many teams to believe.

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Here is the classification case.


As you can see, many of the teams are close behind the Penguins and the Avalanche, who are ranked eighth in the East and West. Three clubs from every league can believe it.

And this, even if I doubt Sword and Blues.

Of all the teams in the playoffs and with all the clubs you could aspire to, yes Sellers will have a fair game if they wait. But remember, however, that if you stumble quickly, Kent Hughes will be readyfor him.

The game has started.

A lot of

– good news.

– good news.

A little late, but good.

– Auston Matthews, the next Alex Ovechkin? [98.5 FM]

Cole Cofield contract : it smells nice. [BPM Sports]

– That’s good for the arrangement… And that’s it.

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