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Islam and the LGBTQ: Locke’s Funny Contradictions

Islam and the LGBTQ: Locke’s Funny Contradictions

The reader draws my attention to a delicious column by Briton Michael Deacon, published in The telegraph On June 20th.

It interested me because it concretely illustrates the contradictions that tear apart the so-called new awakening.


Who exactly am I talking about?

Essentially, the traditional left defended the weak indiscriminately.

The new, awakened left is one that turns its back on the mediocre if they have the misfortune of being white, heterosexual men or women who are part of majority culture.

Such people make the grave mistake of not spending their time complaining, holding on to common sense, and worse, often voting for parties of the center or the right.

Instead, this new left wants to unite all religious, sexual, and ethnic minorities under a common umbrella.

Unfortunately for her, they are fighting more and more under the umbrella.

In 2015, Deacon, the small town of Hamtramck, Michigan, a landlocked self-governing municipality in Detroit, reportedly became the first American city to elect a Muslim-majority city council.

You can guess the reactions at the time of waking up left.

What a great day for multiculturalism, for diversity, for “opening up”!

What a beautiful message to send to all the “Islamophobes” and to all the American reactionaries!

A small problem, however. Big problem indeed.

The Muslim-majority city council just voted to ban the rainbow pride flag, thus the semi-official symbol of the LGBTQ movement (I know, I forgot the last letters added, no further follow-up occurs to me).

On what footing should we dance when representatives of one marginalized minority begin to marginalize representatives of another marginalized minority?

The newspaper was appalled WatchmanHe reported, one of the most important media standard-bearers, that the Muslim citizens, who filled the municipal council hall to capacity, let out their joy loudly after the unanimous vote.

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Imagine the dilemma of waking up seeing Islamophobia, homophobia, and transphobia everywhere.

His main goal in life is to stand up for all supposedly marginalized minorities.

So, on what basis, says Deacon, when representatives of one marginalized minority begin to marginalize representatives of another marginalized minority?


It is all the tastiest because this Left would have known very well what to do if the Municipal Council’s vote for this ban had been Christian and Conservative.

She reportedly denounced his homophobic bigotry, and organized a puke march against “white supremacy, the patriarchal and heteronormative”.

But if she sides here in defense of those who are truly marginalized — the LGBTQ community — then Muslims can blame her for disrespecting a decision made by democratically elected officials, for curbing civic and inclusive participation of Muslims, and for displaying cultural imperialism. By wanting to impose its values ​​on Muslims.

Deacon gets up a little. They defend minorities against evil conservatives without realizing that a minority can itself be conservative.

Excuse me.