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Thieves steal a radio station's 60-metre-high broadcast tower

Thieves steal a radio station's 60-metre-high broadcast tower

Thieves stole a 200-foot radio tower and transmitter from an Alabama AM radio station, preventing it from broadcasting on the air on Friday, February 2.

WJLX general manager Brett Elmore was informed of the situation by an employee cleaning the facility, CNN reported.

All the equipment in the building was stolen and the electrical wires connecting the radio tower were torn down.

In a Facebook post, Mr. Elmore expressed his regret over the situation.

“I've heard stories of thieves stealing anything, but this one stands out,” he wrote. Not only was my building vandalized, but my 200-foot tower no longer existed!

Jasper County Police opened an investigation into the theft.

He continues, “I hope they find out who did this.” It is a federal crime to damage a federally licensed place.

The tower in question has been around since 1950.

How the thieves managed to escape with the tower remains a mystery at the moment.

The radio station is now seeking permission from the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to be able to use the FM airwaves temporarily.

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