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Android 13 isn't just for developers anymore, here's the first beta

Samsung is seriously tweaking hidden Wi-Fi options

The One UI 5.0 beta version was published in early August, and it has not yet revealed all its secrets. Latest discovery: advanced Wi-Fi options are hidden. The functions that Samsung has chosen to hide (perhaps nicely a bit) in the developer settings for their software overlay.

Samsung One UI 5.0, based on Android 13, has new development options for Wi-Fi // Source: Google

It takes a little imagination to get there, but Samsung Significantly expanded Wi-Fi developer options in One UI 5.0 beta. Android Police reader discovered these new options for developers as well as a whole bunch of new features rolled out with One UI 5.0 beta on smartphones from the Galaxy S22 line. Samsung overlay for Android 13 features new stackable widgets, new interface colors, and more material youa redesigned Security and Privacy Center, or retouched notifications.

However, it is the new Wi-Fi development options that are of interest to us today. Logically, it is included in the Wi-Fi settings of One UI 5.0, but you have to go to the Smart Wi-Fi option and tap 10 times in a row on the displayed version. The new set of Wi-Fi developer options will then appear.

Towards Wi-Fi with a small onion on the Samsung Galaxy?

This panel includes information about connection, on nearby Wi-Fi, network and wireless diagnostics option, but also router-specific history, as well as application-specific network history. as pointed out XDA Developers This information and options are usually provided by some of the apps available on the Play Store, which must therefore be installed individually. So finding it “locally” in the same place with One UI 5.0 beta is interesting. The only small hassle: 10 consecutive taps on the smart Wi-Fi version is required every time you want to access it…which can quickly become a pain to use.

Source: XDA Developers

Bien que pensées pour les développeurs, ces nouvelles options pourraient égallement s’avérer utiles aux utilisateurs avancés souhaitant, par exemple, identifier facilement les points morts du Wi-Fi dans leur laurcise la quérent applications quo anté garé background.

In its efforts to make life easier for developers, note in parallel that Samsung recently showcased a Remote access to the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Z Fold 4 foldable smartphones through its RTL platform.

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