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Is Meghan Markle unpopular in England?  These figures should please her

Is Meghan Markle unpopular in England? These figures should please her

From Mexit in 2020, fame Prince Harry And his wife, Meghan Markle, has consistently denied it for months. After an interview with Oprah Winfrey and their documentary on Netflix, Harry & Meghanand the biography of the younger King Charles III, changeReleased in January, it seemed The British were fed up with the couple’s accusations against members of the royal family And the Sussexes in general about themselves.

Former actress happened It has been very quiet in recent monthsEven when the contract binding her and her husband to Spotify fell through. Is this the reason why his popularity rating has gone up a bit? However, she has been absent from England for almost a year – and Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral – and she will not be accompanying Prince Harry to London in September. fame Mother of Archie and Lilibet increased by 2%. A YouGov survey found just that Its popularity has now reached 29% in the second quarter of 2023When she and Prince Harry released their docu-series on Netflix, it was 27%.

Meghan Markle no longer wants to come to England

If his popularity rating increased, Royal author Bill Dampier believes so Meghan Markle stay “unpopular” UK And, for him, she is “I will never set foot in this country again”, he told GB News. Tessa Dunlop, a government expert, mentioned this Duchess of Sussex England thought “It’s not worth it” That is why she did not go to London with her husbandHe is expected to join him at the Invictus Games in Düsseldorf, GermanyA few days later. “I suspect Meghan Markle will not appear in London More about his opposition to Britain than a couple’s relationship”Tessa Dunlap said Glass. The Sussexes have recently been at the center of break-up rumours, with hallway rumors dismissed by a friend of the couple. A relationship expert, Kate Mansfield said Glass That The Sussexes are a “True Alchemy”A “Shared Value System” And they created a “The Undeniable Link” It shows their “Desire to Be Together”. Together yes, but apparently not in the UK.

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