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Is it right to give pocket money to our children?

Is it right to give pocket money to our children?

My husband and I have different views on our children’s education, and we have sometimes argued about how to deal with them. But we’ve never wavered in deciding which direction to take, ever since our two sons reached their teens (12 and 13 1/2) and started to enjoy a certain independence in financial matters. Which means they want us to give them more than the small allowance we agreed upon when they started school.

And there’s the whole question of the famous cellphone they both own now, but my husband wants us to ask him for a small amount each month to let them know the costs involved while I figure it would put on their backs a responsibility they don’t have to shoulder at such a young age.

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According to Emmanuelle Grill, a financial specialist who collaborates with the magazine: “From the age of 5-6, we should start their financial education with our young people. In a playful way at first, and then gradually in a more formal way.

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