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Iraq |  The Nujaba group wants to continue attacks against American soldiers

Iraq | The Nujaba group wants to continue attacks against American soldiers

(Baghdad) – The Iraqi Harakat al-Nujaba, an influential pro-Iranian armed group, announced Friday that it intends to continue attacks against American forces in the Middle East, despite threats of revenge waved by Washington after the killing of three of its soldiers in Iraq. Jordan.

Akram Al-Kaabi, leader of the Al-Nujaba Movement, which is part of the nebula of “Islamic Resistance in Iraq” fighters, also warned in a statement that “any (American) strike will lead to an appropriate response.”

Washington directly accuses this gathering of armed movements loyal to Iran of the fatal drone strike carried out at the end of January against “Tower 22”, a logistical base located in the Jordanian desert on the border with Syria.

US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby even estimated that the attack that killed three US soldiers “certainly bears the mark” of Kataib Hezbollah, another Iraqi militant group considered one of the main leaders of the “Islamic resistance in Iraq.” .

At the end of last January, the Hezbollah Brigades announced the “suspension” of its attacks against American forces in Iraq and Syria, a decision that the Nujaba Movement confirmed on Friday in its press statement that it understood and “respected.”

But “the Islamic resistance in Iraq, along with its other factions, will continue” in its movements, until “its demands are achieved,” which are “a cessation of operations in Gaza” and the departure of American soldiers from Iraq, as Al-Nujaba threatened in a statement. Press release.

The statement continued: “As for what comes out of the American psychological warfare machine that never stops thundering, threatening, and intimidating, it will not shake us a single bit, nor will it deter us.”

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Since mid-October, at least 165 attacks have targeted US forces and the international anti-jihadist coalition in Iraq and Syria, a direct reflection of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Hamas movement in Gaza.