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Incredible return of aircraft against oilers!

Incredible return of aircraft against oilers!

The Jets made an unlikely comeback, beating Edmonton Oilers 5-4 in overtime Sunday at Winnipeg.

Nikolaj Ehlers fired a bullet that stole Mike Smith’s awakening after confronting Ehlers across the area. This was the second goal of the meeting with the Dane, who scored the first goal for his team in the second half. Ehlers was in his first qualifying match after being sidelined due to an upper body injury sustained at the end of April.

Halfway through the third half, the hosts were 4-1 behind and everything seems to indicate that the Oilers will claim their first win in the series, when the situation suddenly changed.

Quebecer Mathieu Perreault started by defeating Mike Smith in the power game. Less than three minutes later, Blake Wheeler wrapped up the lead with just one goal. Defenseman Josh Morrissey forced overtime, barely shaking the ropes 16 seconds after his captain succeeded.

Mazeotons take a big hit. In addition to growing up in the last ten minutes of their third period, the Alberta squad will face eliminations on Monday, still at Winnipeg, who trail 3-0 in the series.

All this despite the awakening of Conor McDavid and Leon Dresitel, who ended the match with three points each. The first was a partner of the first three grids on its own, while the second made the light shine twice in the first twenty, in addition to being a partner in the success of Zach Cassian, the third of Oilers.

The essence of the finest scored another goal for the visitors.

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In the win, Connor Helboick removed 44 of the 48 discs he faced. For his part, Mike Smith failed five times with 37 rounds.