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Inauguration of a New Space for Contemporary Art: The Fund Stands and Signs

Inauguration of a New Space for Contemporary Art: The Fund Stands and Signs

A chest by definition is a closed space, closed in on itself, not very large and designed to enclose or conceal something of value or generally confidentiality.

Fatima Al-Kilani destroys all definitions in the dictionary, questions the semantics, corrupts and twists the initial meanings and presents us with an open “box” for creators and the public, for the winds of creation, for the illusions of imagination, for the currents of inventions. In “Boîte bis”, a spacious barn revised and corrected by the talent of Chacha Atallah, presents the first “Boîte” collections, which, if small and virtually hidden in the floors of the family business, n was nonetheless an inspiring and inspiring setting.

The collection consists of favourites, strokes of faith in the artist, unexpected aesthetic encounters, and sometimes unexplained connections.

Perhaps it was difficult for Fatima Kilani to choose the artists she wanted to show in a group that was supposed to be diverse. So El Hadi Khalil was assigned the task of curating this exhibition entitled “Des Airs”, in which he sought to bring an interesting coherence to the theme of “nudity”.

The proposed path is indicated on a concrete floor. And we gently understand it, turning from the most realistic to the most abstract and most conceptual. Nabil Al-Sawabi and Iman Barhouma welcome us with a reassuring familiarity. They allow us to take a break before tackling the pure and difficult concept by installing counters that, through complex arithmetic, recall the 99 names of the deity. Or concrete discs fixed to the wall symbolizing the verticality of faith and the weight of religion. As well as the compositions of pictures and inscriptions that are difficult to distinguish, as the similarity of the subject and the artist’s view unites them beyond the difference in techniques.

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Do I have to admit I didn’t buy everything?

Contemporary art also has this purpose: to raise questions, provoke incomprehension, and provoke a desire to understand. I will be back there.