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NÎMES We do the vaccination at Espace Diderot in Valdegour

NÎMES We do the vaccination at Espace Diderot in Valdegour

Since Monday, a mobile vaccination center has been opened in Espace Diderot, 663 Neper Street, in the Valdegor region. It will run from 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. with the Moderna messenger RNA vaccine. Ephemeral, this position will be closed on Friday.

Interested persons must bring their own identification document and bio card. The Gard County Fire and Rescue Service operates this center and provides medical supervision. This joint initiative is organized by the county and the administrative delegation of the Regional Health Agency with the support of the Gard County Council, which mobilizes and arranges the Diderot space buildings. The union sector of the region is also being mobilized, in particular to report on the benefit from vaccination.

Angélique Juste also attends to report and answer questions (Photo by Norman Jardine)

« We had college students and people who came in to get their second vaccine, Angelique Jost, a regional nurse with the Gard Firefighter Health Service, explains. We are also there to report and answer questions. Nine people including a doctor, two nurses and two people looking after the administration were mobilized. ” The vaccination center is ephemeral and will be closed on Friday. To get there, you can use the T2 tram bus line and get off at Valdegour station. From there, signs will direct you to the vaccination center.

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