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In the US, the Senate and the Defense Department have ordered an investigation into Elon Musk’s actions in Ukraine.

In the US, the Senate and the Defense Department have ordered an investigation into Elon Musk’s actions in Ukraine.

“Neither Elon Musk nor any other citizen can make the final decision on America’s national security.”, said Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Jack Reid. The company says it is investigating, though it has not launched a formal investigation “From All Angles” Reports tell how billionaire SpaceX boss intervened in Russia-Ukraine conflict a year ago Bloomberg.

Alleged disabling of Starlink terminals prior to or during the Ukrainian naval offensive in Crimea “Serious National Security Accountability Issues” According to Democratic Senator Jack Reid. It looks like the world’s leading military power is slowly waking up from a long slumber of handing over many responsibilities to Elon Musk. A contract with his company For the same service.

“The Whims of Mr. Musk”

Senators Jeanne Shaheen, Tammy Duckworth and Elizabeth Warren also requested an explanation in a letter to Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin III. “We are deeply concerned about SpaceX’s ability and willingness to interrupt its service at Mr. Musk’s whims and attempt to effectively protect Russia’s interests while handcuffing a sovereign nation’s defense.”They wrote.

are demanding “Details of any incidents involving commercial purchases and Starlink or other US services provided to Ukraine that have been unilaterally disabled or restricted or modified by the commercial provider for non-technical reasons”This is after the Russian invasion in February 2022. The senators asked for a reply before October 31.

A messy process

The alleged turn of events against Elon Musk is actually more than confusing. His biographer Walter Isaacson said in a book published this week, but published a few days ago The Washington Post, this phenomenon has undergone several reversals. Walter Isaacson initially wrote that SpaceX’s boss had contact with his terminals in Crimea when he learned of the imminent Ukrainian attack.

A few hours later, the author picked up on Elon Musk’s new justifications, claiming that the Starling was disabled before the event due to US sanctions aimed at Russia (which annexed Crimea in 2014). So the Senate Armed Services Committee and the Ministry of Defense should shed light on this story. I asked inside A podcast A few days ago in this matter, the key figure Joe Biden said that if he had asked him, he would have maintained contact in Crimea.

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