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In the United States, half of the companies using ChatGPT are already exempt

A US study measures the use of chatbots within companies. Almost half of companies using it say they’ve already made layoffs.

Is ChatGPT Employers’ New Favorite Job? Developed by American startup OpenAI, this conversational robot has been successful since last November. In question: Freely accessible to all, ChatGPT can also answer more or less complex questions, create content – including artistic content – or even code.

A US study surveyed 1,000 business leaders in the US in February to look at its growth in the workplace. Lesson One: ChatGPT is already widely implemented in use. 49% of companies surveyed are using ChatGPT, and 30% plan to do so in the coming months. study Produced by Resume Builder, an online CV creation site.

Common uses for chatbots include writing code, creating content, creating documentation for customer service or meetings. ChatGPT is also used in the recruitment process, to write job offers and draft interview questions.

“In the field of talent acquisition, the most mundane tasks (…) have already been replaced by ChatGPT”, comments Stacie Haller, Human Resources Consultant at Resume Builder. “Coding is another area where this technology can help as employees focus on more strategic initiatives.”

48% of companies using ChatGPT have already made layoffs

In fact, almost half of the companies using ChatGPT say they have already made it possible to transfer employees. According to the study’s predictions, this is just the beginning. 33% of business leaders believe ChatGPT will “definitely” lead to layoffs by the end of 2023, and 26% consider this event “likely.”

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And for good reason: 93% of current users say they want to extend their use of ChatGPT even further. “The results of this survey show that employers are looking to streamline some job responsibilities using ChatGPT,” said Stacie Haller, HR consultant at Resume Builder.

“As technology has evolved and changed the workforce over the past few decades, ChatGPT can impact the way we work. As with all new technologies, businesses’ use of ChatGPT will continue to evolve, and we’re not just getting started,” says Stacey Haller.

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