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Ocado welcomes UK patent win over Autostore

(Allianz News) – Ocado Group PLC on Thursday celebrated another legal victory in its patent dispute against AutoStore AS.

The UK High Court decision concerned two patents. In October 2020, Autostore claimed that online grocery and storage technology company Ocado infringed six of its patents, although two claims were invalidated by the European Patent Office before a ruling was reached. Two others were recalled by AutoStore before the trial began.

The two remaining patents were invalidated by the judge in Thursday’s ruling. Autostore said it has filed lawsuits and complaints in the United States and the United Kingdom, alleging Ocado’s smart platform infringes on Autostore’s patented technology. Ocado’s Smart Platform is a storage and order picking system used in distribution centers.

“Nevertheless [le juge] “Does not invalidate the remaining patents, and Ocado’s OSP does not infringe them – nor does Ocado’s robots infringe the patents that Autostore removed from the case,” Ocado said.

“Ocado’s claims against AutoStore for infringement of Ocado’s intellectual property rights are ongoing in Germany and New Hampshire, USA.

In March 2022, Ocado said it won a “decisive victory” in its case with AutoStore after the International Trade Commission rejected all patent applications filed by it.

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