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In the movie Beau Is Afraid: Manuel Tadros shares a scene with Joaquin Phoenix

Manuel Tadros had the opportunity to share a scene with Joaquin Phoenix in the movie fearless lover, The third feature film from American director Ari Aster, it will be shot in Montreal in the summer of 2021.

“I was very proud to shoot with him because he is an actor that I admire very much, and yesterday I confided in Journal Manuel Tadros, a few hours before the premiere of the film in Montreal, at the Imperial Cinema.

“It’s funny because I pulled out a dubbing set a little while ago joker [film pour lequel Phoenix a remporté l’Oscar du meilleur acteur, NDLR]. So I developed a kind of virtual relationship with him by observing his work. »

Joaquin Phoenix in a scene from Beau a Peur (Beau is Afraid).

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Joaquin Phoenix in a scene from Beau a Peur (Beau is Afraid).

Third feature film from American director Ari Aster (Inheritance, MedSmar), Wasim is afraid (Bo afraidFilmed entirely in Montreal during the summer of 2021. To defend on screen the role of a convenience store owner who welcomes the central character of the film (Phoenix) to his work, Manuel Tedros spent two days on the set of this Hollywood production with a budget of US$35 million (about $47 million). Canadian).

“When I got to the set, I flipped,” he says. There was an entire section of St. Catherine Street that was closed off to re-create the post-apocalyptic world for the film. There was a burnt out car and a dead body in the street. They completely renovated the facades of the houses. The art direction was amazing. She was so beautiful she was ugly! »

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in Spanish

in Wasim is afraidJoaquin Phoenix slips into the skin of a paranoid man who embarks on an “epic journey” to find his mother. By rubbing shoulders with him for two days on the set of the film, Manuel Tadros had the opportunity to share a little with him.

“On the first day, I didn’t want to upset him and said almost nothing to him,” he says. He was very demanding in everything he did. But on the second day, when he learned I spoke Spanish, he became more brotherly and warm with me. He speaks Spanish because he actually lived in Mexico. We chatted a bit in Spanish and at the end of the day he told me he enjoyed playing with me. »

This wasn’t the first time that Manuel Tedros had starred in a major Hollywood production. The actor remarkably defended a small role in X-Men: Apocalypse From a few years. “I’ve also acted in a movie [Taking Lives] In 2002 for Three Days with Angelina Jolie, but I got cut during editing,” he laughs.

Manuel Tadros is currently filming the next season of Les Moments parfaits, which will air next fall on TVA.