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In England, insects wear the crown

In England, insects wear the crown

Photo credit: REUTERS / Hannah McKay

From Thursday to Sunday, the Queen of England will celebrate her 7O year reign. A record of longevity in Old English imperial power. Four major public events, parades, concerts and more will be held this long weekend. The amounts involved are enormous.

After watching the military parade from the balcony of her Buckingham Palace on Thursday, the Queen will miss the “ceremonies” on Friday. In the absence of the British working classes, the government would continue to take money to generously maintain the wealthy royal family.

The ceremony was unanimously welcomed by the entire British political class. The Grand Prince, Boris Johnson, the current tenant of 10 Downing Street, offered workers two public holidays. Nevertheless, there are a number of reasons why workers do not find this practice very appealing.

In mid-May, the National Institute for Economic and Social Research estimated rising food, tax and energy prices. “250,000 families will be pushed into debt and misery.” And to the end “About 1.2 million people will fall into extreme poverty next year.”.

It is well known, however, that the main purpose of this popular elite, and the relentless media hype that accompanies it, is, above all, to reinforce the illusion of a united “nation” behind the monarchy. Beyond trivial matters such as the class struggle, and the impending crisis, his possible dismissals and the rise of poverty. Given the opportunity for her 70-year reign, here is the queen coming out of her old gold cupboard.

This queen on her throne, these politicians, these partners, these banks that are attracting her, are getting ready to impose their tithe on the community. The aristocracy, past and present, came together to pay the working class, crowned or uncrowned.

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