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In the United Kingdom, 100,000 "street parties" were organized to celebrate Elizabeth II

In the United Kingdom, 100,000 “street parties” were organized to celebrate Elizabeth II

Anaïs Cordoba, edited by Laura Laplaud
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June 04, 2022 10:46 am

On the third day of the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, celebrations continue across the UK. The English celebrate the event with their family, friends or neighbors. This weekend, more than 100,000 Jubilee Street parties are taking place across the country.

Small children, couples, the elderly, in this working class area of ​​north London, there is a happy mix of fun and singing. To celebrate 70 years of ruleElizabeth II, With blue-white-red balloons and portraits of the Queen, the communal garden has also been redesigned in jubilee colors. “A celebration is fantastic Platinum FestivalBut most of all, for the party, we spent two years in prison, and it’s so much fun to get back to normal and have fun together! ” Says Diane, who lives in the neighborhood.

“This is the face of our country”

“The Queen is the face of our country. I thank her. Thanks to her, we have this holiday. We can be together,” said 14-year-old Foye.

Haguna, the organizer of the party, is the president of a local association that teaches song and music to children in the neighborhood. “We wanted to pay tribute to the Queen. Some of the kids there don’t understand what she represents, they look at her, but they don’t know what she did,” he says.

“They are taught that the Queen has served her country and the citizens of her country very well,” he continues. Like these neighbors, more than 10 million Britons plan to attend a special Platinum Jubilee block party.

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