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English-only letter from Air Canada chief: 'Unacceptable', says François Legault

English-only letter from Air Canada chief: ‘Unacceptable’, says François Legault

The Prime Minister deplores the fact that the new head of Air Canada has decided to speak only English during a speech he is scheduled to deliver tomorrow to the Board of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal.

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“He is the head of one of the largest companies in Quebec. François Legault announced in an interview with our Parliamentary Office.

Although his company is officially governed by the Official Languages ​​Act, Michael Rousseau intends to address his fans in Quebec in the language of Shakespeare.

Michael Russo, the new CEO of Air Canada

photo courtesy

Michael Russo, the new CEO of Air Canada

“Not today that Air Canada has problems with French. However, its main office is in Montreal,” Premiere Legault notes.

Earlier on Twitter, the minister in charge of the French language, Simon-Jolin-Barrett, stressed that Air Canada and its management “should do better”.

“It is a sign of respect to address the business community in Montreal, the French-speaking capital of Quebec, in the official and common French,” he wrote.

For his part, François Legault intends to speak in French to the delegates who will come to hear him, Thursday, as part of an official event of COP26.

He asserts, “I will do it mainly in French, except at first perhaps, out of politeness, to greet the people there who do not speak French.”

His predecessor, Philip Couillard, drew criticism by speaking only English at the International Arctic Circle Conference, shortly after he was elected in 2014.

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