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“In Australia, I experienced imprisonment and I still experience it”

Novak Djokovic, in an interview with the Italian newspaper Corriere dell Sera, touched on many topics, including the vaccination issue, trying to reveal the whole truth about what happened in Australia and his vaccination status..

It’s 2022, still in the covid pandemic, and Australia has opened the door for tennis players to play the Australian Open if they’ve been vaccinated. Novak Djokovic wasn’t vaccinated, not yet, but he still landed in Melbourne.

But a few hours after his arrival, the affair erupted: the Serbian tennis player was locked in a hotel where his visa was revoked because he could not cross these borders. The story is known and the reasons are the same, but Djokovic found them both in the interview.

He said: “I’m not pro-vax, I’m not pro-vax, I’m pro-freedom of choice. In Australia? They put me in jail. Many people were locked up there and my story was able to tell their story.

Some have been released, and that comforts me. One of them is now in the US and I will meet him at the US Open. I followed all the rules and didn’t put anyone in danger.

I had become a political case, and I was stuck with the “no wax” label, which still makes me sick to my stomach.

Novak after beating Dimitrov

Novak Djokovic is gradually regaining his best form and proved it in Rome.

The Serbian tennis player won in three sets after a hard-fought battle before easily closing out the third set against Bulgarian tennis player Grigor Dimitrov. During the press conference, Knoll was very satisfied and discussed several topics, including the attack on the clay courts of the tournament.

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Here are Noel’s words: “It was a good challenge and I was happy to be a part of it. It’s always a good challenge to face Gregor, we’re talking about one of the best tennis players on the circuit and he’s been like this for years now.

At the end of the second set he raised his level and showed his level, I had a chance to finish the match but I didn’t. However, I was happy to find the right continuity in the third set and keep everything under control.

Suitable for clay? We’re talking about a surface that feels better the more you play on it. Obviously I want to reach the final here, objectively, that’s what I came for.

My plan is different from previous years, it’s obviously a different competition from the past, but that’s positive because there are more margins for retirement.

I’m getting close to my best, obviously we can do better, but I had fun today. ” Meanwhile, the Serbian defeated Cameron Nori to qualify for the quarter-finals.