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"I heard a big explosion!"  A meteor destroyed his house and killed his two dogs

“I heard a big explosion!” A meteor destroyed his house and killed his two dogs

A meteor reportedly destroyed a man’s home in rural Northern California on Friday.

“I heard a big bang,” the homeowner explained in an interview on a local TV channel.

The meteor caused a fire and killed the dogs inside.

The risk of a meteor hitting a home is one in four thousand billion, MailOnline reports.

Several eyewitnesses saw the bright ball in the area and it was filmed on Friday evening.

Condominium owner Dustin Brusetta told KCRA that he was at his house with his two dogs when the meteor struck.

At first, Dustin Prosetta didn’t know it was a meteorite. After that he understood what happened.

“I was always fascinated by meteors as a kid, but I never wanted to see them land in my yard or through my roof,” he told KCRA.

Pennsylvania Valley Fire Department and Cal Fire officials battled the flames for hours.

They are investigating what caused the fire, but have not yet confirmed the spacecraft.

“I’ve been a detective for 12 years and in the fire service for 25 years. I’ve never been in a fire caused by a meteorite before,” a fire department investigator said.

The US Air Force and NASA will help investigators find out if any objects falling to the ground were recorded just before the fire started.

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