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How to Use Your Smartphone to Learn Anything


Smartphones are incredible tools that can help us with everything from recording our shopping lists, to keeping up with our friends. Yet with the ever-present allure of social media, it can be easy to forget that our handy devices can also be turned towards teaching us new skills and abilities.

Below we’re going to take a look at just a few of the amazing ways your smartphone can assist you in learning just about anything in 2022.

Join the eLearning Revolution

No matter what subject you’re interested in picking up, or skill you’re learning, there’s never been a better time to pursue it with your smartphone thanks to the rise of comprehensive eLearning platforms.

Leaders in this space, such as Skillshare and Udemy, each feature over 30,000 distinct courses for learners of all levels to dive into. Whether you’re wanting to pursue a course in art journaling, or are interested in getting to grips with studio-grade consumer technology, you’re certain to find a class to suit you on these platforms.

The structured format offered here can be a real blessing to a certain type of learner, as many find their learning style to be positively supported by the inclusion of a comprehensive curriculum, replete with homework and assessments.

Connect with Professional Tutors

You may not realize that you can use your smartphone to connect with thousands of accredited tutors teaching all manner of subjects face-to-face through video conferencing software such as FaceTime, or Zoom.

Often this is a more costly route to go down, but for certain subjects, be it learning a language, or picking up an instrument, one-on-one feedback is indispensable. Established websites like TutorHunt, and specialized apps like the math-focused Yup, all make this process stress free and intuitive.

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Find Reliable Platforms Online

You may, at first, think that learning something online is as simple as googling your question and selecting the first relevant search result that comes up. While, when it comes to simple queries, this will often suffice, when one is trying to learn something in greater detail it’s normally wise to choose your sources more carefully.

Anyone can put information on the internet and attest to being an authority in their given subject without any checks and balances. This can make it challenging to find trust-worthy and reliable sources of information when trying to learn things through your smartphone this way.

Fortunately though, there is a simple solution to this issue – only learn from leading and reputable platforms in the sector you’re interested in. This way you can ensure the information you’re receiving is reliable, as the reputation of the provider you’re learning from has established itself as an authority in that space.

This goes for virtually any subject, from learning the basics of playing penny slots through popular established providers of these titles, to getting to grips with the fundamentals of food gardening from leading horticultural charities. Whatever it is, this method is a sure-fire way to get high quality information you can use to great effect, no matter your chosen pursuit.

YouTube Tutorials

There are literally thousands of hours of free eLearning content on YouTube available to explore. While the same concerns around vetting apply here as with searching for learning resources of the web, creators and channels with good production values and high subscriber counts are likely to be trust-worthy.

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The added bonus of learning through YouTube is the participatory quality it offers. Often creators are eager to receive feedback, questions and engagement from their viewers. This can result in you getting expert insight into your questions from attentive creators who are invested in cultivating a positive learning environment around their given subject.

Often, creators also offer follow-up eLearning courses to supplement their free content, and this can be a great way to “try before you buy” to verify that you connect well with a creator’s teaching style and content before committing to a premium course of learning with them.