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Australia is caught between wildfires and floods

Australia is caught between wildfires and floods

Australia suffered two major natural disasters on Friday, with wildfires destroying the natural west coast and flooding eastern parts of the country.

After weeks of high temperatures, a fire broke out in the Margaret River tourist area, famous for wine and surfing in Western Australia.

Authorities did not report any injuries or damage to the houses, but large flames were seen over a wide area, sending large smoke columns into the sky.

Warnings were triggered and some residents were asked to leave their homes.

“Take immediate action to survive,” the state fire department insisted.

The Australian coast, along the Indian Ocean, experiences temperatures of up to 40 degrees Celsius, but it has been raining for months on the Pacific coast, on the other side of the island-mainland.

“A low pressure area has formed off the south coast of New South Wales, causing heavy rainfall and significant flooding,” the Met Office said.

Exactly two years ago, some areas south of Sydney, which was battling the worst wildfires in the country’s history, recorded 21 centimeters of water in the last 24 hours.

November is the coldest month in 122 years due to the high rainfall and the La Nina weather event.

Scientists believe that extreme weather events have been exacerbated by climate change caused by human activities.

In recent years, Australia has experienced periods of severe flooding, massive wildfires and droughts.

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