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How to disable your computer's touch screen?

How to disable your computer's touch screen?

Put an end to accidental touches on your computer's touch screen simply by disabling this user interface.

If you have a modern computer, it likely has a display that supports touchscreen navigation. In some cases, especially if the device is a hybrid and can be used as a tablet, a touch interface makes perfect sense. It is generally sufficient to detach the screen when possible, or open it completely by sticking the back of the screen to the bottom of the laptop to use it this way.

However, some computers are equipped with a touch screen, but it can only be used as a regular one, as the hinge of the screen limits the opening of the latter. In this case, support for touchscreen navigation, which is less practical in this use, may be just anecdotal. In most cases, users prefer to use their devices in the traditional way, using the built-in trackpad or mouse, and eventually never use the touch interface. The only problem is that it is not uncommon to accidentally touch the screen and thus inadvertently tap certain areas of the screen.

To avoid this, you can easily disable the touch interface. The maneuver will take no more than a few seconds and does not require any particular technical knowledge.

1. Open Device Manager

Start by opening the Device Manager in Windows 11. To do this, there are two possible options. First, by implementing a Right click on the start menuThen click on Menu Device managers.


The second is to use the abbreviation Windows + RThen log in and confirm the order devmgmt.msc In the run window.

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Windows 11 Disable Touch2

2. Find the user interface device

In the Device Manager window that appears, find the line User interface devices. Once you locate it, tap the arrow to the left of the line to access it Expand the menu tree.

Windows 11 Disable Touch3

3. Disable the touch interface

Browse through the different options available in the UI Devices menu, and locate the line that indicates Hidden touch screen. Make a Click on the right Above, choose Disable the device.

Windows 11 Disable Touch5

An alert window indicates this Disabling the device will cause it to shut down., is displayed. Click on the button Yes To validate your selection.

Windows 11 Disable Touch4

In principle, your computer's touch interface is deactivated immediately, without having to restart the device. Note that this manipulation is clearly reversible. All you have to do is repeat exactly the same procedure and choose Activate Device to make the touch interface work again.

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